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This is the workshop blog for a new course in feminist social media activisms, and will be a collaboration between the faculty and students in WMST 488a.  We will be actively creating work on (an almost) weekly basis, and this site will support that work, through links, posts, questions, and comments as we see fit. This is an experimental course, where we will play, test and engage with new (to us) social media materials.

Share It! feminist social media activisms
WMST 488A, Spring 2011 University of Maryland

taught by Katie King and Jarah Moesch

from the course description:

social media as play, play as learning, learning as movement, movement as social change, social change in social media, social media as play, play as learning, learning as movement … it’s time to join this circle of scholarship and practice with feminist visions in hand and heart!

Commerce and knowledge work today backdrop so-called transmedia stories, those told across technology platforms, as well as the making, sharing and patterning of knowledges across economic and social sectors, making up what some call the transdisciplinary.

In this class we will be studying this context as well as the practices of social media and the possibilities it offers for feminist activisms, learning and play. Where do you come in? Where do I come in? This women’s studies senior seminar is going to be your chance to share scholarship and practice with two feminist thinkers about media possibilities today and how feminists might move and shape them.

I am a new media artist and technologist who will be teaching ways of playing with activist media and workshoping skills and ideas. and my partner is Katie King, a feminist scholar of media and technoscience and who likes to tell stories about different media and what they are good for.   This will be an exciting, experimental semester! A new course in the WMST department!

find the syllabus here


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