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Rafaela’s LOA

by on May 5, 2011

I have to say that this course (WMST488A) was probably the most interesting that I have ever taken during my college career. We were given the freedom to come up with a project on whatever topic that was of interest to us. Because this is a WMST course we were asked to develop a project that would involve feminist activism through social media. I was very intrigued by this opportunity because I am very interested in social media and its affect on my generation but it became even more intriguing to use this social media with a feminist perspective.

In my group we chose to develop a blog that incoming freshman at various UM system schools could use as a resource for LGBT events and issues happening on their campus. Before this class I had read various blogs but I have never developed one myself. Our blog was on a website called Blogger. The website is very easy to navigate through and made the process of developing the blog for our project fairly easy. This project helped me see how easy it is to advertise through social mediums. Our blog was linked to Tumblr so that both Blogger and Tumblr could be updated simultaneously. We also created a Facebook group for our project and linked the blog URL to the page. This made it easier for the audience that we wanted to reach to access our website.

During the symposium we received positive feedback for our project and a few suggestions on how to advertise our website even further. I learned through the symposium the various ways that society uses social media in everyday life. For example Danah Boyd spoke about Facebook during the conference and the various boundaries that it creates. Her portion of the symposium was very interesting to me because I feel that my life is immersed so much into social media that I never realized the effect it has on me and my relationships.

The university has a set of requirements that each course has to fulfill and without a doubt I would say yes this course fulfilled all of the requirements. The class was broken up into specific processes so that each student could successfully develop their project. And we were asked to document our progress through the class blog. Through the assigned reading and class discussion we were able to use this information to further the development of our projects but also expand the knowledge that we have learned in our WMST college career. Before this class I never realized the impact that social media can have on feminist activism. But with motivation and drive I believe that social media will continue to be used for great social issues. The project that I participated in and the other various projects in the class have shown the power and voice that social media can provide. So when asked if this course should be offered again, I will always say “Yes of course!” because it has taught me so much.


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