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Leslie’s LOA

by on May 4, 2011

I have noticed how fast-moving and technology-charged my life is right now. There is a new medium to get information out faster than dialing the phone. My generation has many diverse ways to get things out into the world in a matter of seconds. I am living in this so-called, “new school” generation where I am constantly being bombarded with advertisements, texts, emails, tweets, Facebook, WiFi, blackberry messages (bbm), iPhone, iTunes, iPads, and so on. This was an exciting semester because I participated in a movement of social change with feminist scholars and thinkers of media. I was pleased to not use blackboard for once, but rather blogger, a public online site for class multimedia presentations, class preparation and review. Blogger, as well as storyboard helped me understand the different kinds on media available on the web today.  This Women’s Studies senior seminar helped me study patterns of knowledge across social sectors that I was vaguely familiar with at the start of the semester.

What skills did I learn from this class? I have asked myself a better question: Am I tech-savvy? Have I learned everything I wanted to learn? Have I learned the tools needed to express my concerns online? Have I done my best to challenge myself? This class has helped me learn how to use my abilities to solve problems in group settings, work in a team of people different from me, understand perspectives different from my own, and interact comfortably with people. I have learned to develop strong communication skills, teamwork skills, problem solving skills, and organizational skills. Connecting through social media can spark spectacular relationships by linking groups, communities, friends, mentors, and employees. I have strong interpersonal and social networking skills that will facilitate every job offer I will potentially receive, and friends I will eventually make.

Have I joined the circle of scholarship and practice with feminist visions? I think I have. My group members and I created a project based around the oppression faced by women in the University of Maryland first-year book “Half the Sky.” The women in this book are from all over the world and face multiple cruelty from genital mutilation to sex-trafficking. How were we going to promote this book on the web? Twitter, Tumblr, wordpress, storyboarding, and google docs. I suggested Google Docs to my group members because it is a useful tool to upload, share, and store documents online. This tool helps with storing and editing powerpoints and files on Microsoft word. The other major social media tools we used aided with completing a successful project used for communication about the book “Half the Sky” on the web. I am proud of spreading the awareness of International Women, moreover I am proud of the prototype we created for our project.

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