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Jojo’s LOA Packet

by on May 4, 2011

So here is my LOA containing what I learned from the course and my opinion on the course fulfilling the department requirements. My partner, Rafaela, will post the answers and corresponding pictures to the list of items placed on the board last wednesday.


Jojo’s LOA

What I learned?

In experiencing this course I learned many things through the class itself as well as the development of our project. Both were inherent mechanisms to further my knowledge and education in my last semester of college. The project had me delve into and become intimately familiar with various forms of social media. While the course had me learning about the different applications of social media to various forms of daily life.

Working on my group project was a continual learning experience for me. I started off by learning about blogger. I had never used a blog previous to this project. This meant I had to learn about  formatting the page, privacy settings, posting settings, etc. It was tough at first and I know I made allot of mistakes. It was also frustrating when I had finally got it perfect because we then decided to change our project topic so I had to change everything all over again.
Once I had finally managed blogger I expanded to Tumblr. I was grateful I started on blogger because Tumblr was even more complicated. It took me a while to find a format for my tumblr that would display my content as clearly as possible. Also I had to again work on the privacy settings so the page would be accessible to as many people as possible. Finally figuring out how to link it to blogger to the tumblr was a puzzle for me. I wanted to show enough content to entice people to visit my blog but not to post verbatim the contents of the blog onto Tumblr. I also wanted the contents to upload from the blogger to tumblr as quickly as possible. This was harder to figure out but I finally got the delay between uploads to only be a few hours which I feel is a huge accomplishment.
Finally I learned about the new facebook groups. Which I have to say are alot less asthetically pleasing and efficient then then old ones. You can’t really tell what the group is about and you don’t get a choice if you join it or not. I wasn’t able to link it to the blogger either so I just had to post the blogger link to the group and hope that  people would get the idea. I have to say that coming to the end of the semester my knowledge and skill concerning the utilization of social media has expanded exponentially.
Beyond my personal work on the blog I also learned allot through the conference and classroom discussions. During our portion of the conference I got allot of feedback on our project concerning the blog giving me allot of ideas for things I hadn’t thought of. Such as various ways to better advertise the blog and other people to contact to contribute content. The conference itself broadened my knowledge of all the various ways in which social media can be used. For example the woman who talked about the marriage cast matching sites and how social media is being used to perpetuate the cast system. I had never though of expanding the scope of social media to that degree. Class discussion and the readings contributed to the expansion of my knowledge concerning social media as well. For example when reading Digital Media and Democracy I hadn’t thought about how much news people take from comedy central news shows such as The Daily Show. Also in reading this article I was impressed with how quickly news spreads through what they called the “blogosphere”. How in this new generation social media and the Internet are the mechanisms used to raise awareness and create a social outcry.
Did the Course fulfill the department requirements?
In class we talked about how this course is considered a scholarship in practice course by the university. The university has certain requirements that a scholarship in practice course must fulfill.
Such as the entire layout of the course was designed around being able to articulate the processes required to bring about a successful outcome. The course was broken into the steps of the process of completing our project. After the completion of each step we completed activities to show our comprehension of the step and to show our successful completion of it through our project. Also during our symposium we had to present our projects and what we had completed so far and what we had left to complete to others. We had to describe our process, revisions, and what steps we had left to go.
In completing our readings and class discussions we demonstrated an ability to critique existing applications of scholarship. In doing our readings we were learning about existing applications of scholarship. Such as how blogs and various forms of social media can be used as ways to raise awareness about issues much faster then people in the past were able to do. Then in our class discussions about what we had read we analyzed these applications of social media.
In having to work in groups for our projects we successfully demonstrated the ability to collaborate to bring about a successful outcome. In group work you have to collaborate and as we have accomplished our goals for our project we have come up with a successful outcome. The project we collaborated on to produce is a scholarly work that reflects a body of knowledge relevant to the course. This body of knowledge was the application of social media to our topic.
As our course was centered around social media and its applications in social change our blog was a reflection of these concepts. We utilized social media to create social change in the queer community. Our blog was also a communication of scholarship through ancillary material. As it was written and visual reflection of of concept.
All of these are various requirements by the university for this course. This course, in my opinion, has easily fulfilled this multitude of requirements.
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