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Audience Persona and Paper Prototypes

by on May 4, 2011

Our blog is geared towards liberal minded men, women, transgender and gender-queer individuals.  Some other markets include HIPS activists, student activists, LGBT/feminist activists.  Other people may come across our blog through a search engine if they are searching terms which are also tagged in our blog.  Thus the reasons for reading our blog would be: education, consciousness-raising, interest in sex workers rights/advocacy or activism in genderal, as well as accidental curiosity.  We hope that our blog will at least get people thinking about our issues and challenge their assumptions as well as dominant stereotypes. We want our blog to be an open forum for discussion.

Here are the paper prototypes for our blog:

We want our site to be user friendly and for our visitors to be able to easily:

*Access the world map and the information that it provides.

*Access our blog entries

*Leave comments

*Contact us if need be

Through our research using the paper prototypes, we found that our classmates were able to easily access all necessary information.  This exercise did raise a few questions such as whether we want the world map to be embedded or have a pop-out box. We are also considering having a submission form for readers to send us comments/questions.


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