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Uncut Timeline

by on May 2, 2011

Uncut Movement Time Line

“The idea of UK Uncut originated in late 2010 with a group of ten activists in a North London pub who were having a discussion about the lack of resistance to the public sector cuts.” Wikipedia

UK Uncut- Established October 2010.

-As a means of actively protesting against corporate tax avoidance and tax dodgers in the UK and to raise awareness about cuts to public services.

Wednesday, October 27th= First action took place in London,

-Target= Vodafone

“One week after George Osborne announced the deepest cuts to public services since the 1920s, around 70 people ran along Oxford Street, entered Vodafone’s flagship store and sat down. We had shut down tax-dodging Vodafone’s flagship store.” Wiki

-Word spread about UK Uncut via twitter as #ukuncut

Thursday, October 28th= Leeds, England.

-Target= Vodafone

October 30th= Actions had spread to over 15 more UK cities including:

-Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Brixton, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Hastings, King’s Lynn, Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester, Oxford, Portsmouth, Weymouth, Worthing, and York.

– Targets: Vodafone, HSBC, Acadia group shops: burton, topshop, BHS

-By the end of October, almost 30 Vodafone stores had been closed around the country.

December 18th, 2010 was perhaps UK Uncut’s most active day; with actions taking place in almost 50 cities.

– By the close of December 2010 other cities joined the cause and brought the count up   to over 70 cities.

-Aberdeen, Aberstwyth, Barnstaple, Bath, Belfast, Bournemouth, Brixton, Bury St Edmunds, Cambridge, Cardiff, Chester, Chichester, Colchester, Gloucester, Dundee, Durham, Eastleigh, Exeter, Grantham, Hackney, Halifax, Hastings, Hemple Hempstead, Hereford, Ipswich, Islington, Keighley, Kendal, Luton, New Castle, North Hampton, Norwich, Nottingham, Middlesboro, Preston, Plymouth, Reading, Sheffield, South Hampton, St. Albans, Stroud, Swansea, Taunton, Truro, Tunbridge Wells, Walthamstow, Wrexham.

UK Uncut has continued to grow throughout 2011. Their main targets have been Vodafone, Boots, Tesco, and Business Man Sir Phillip Green and his retail empire, including Topshop, Topman, Burton and Dorothy. They have also targeted banks such as RBS/Natwest, Lloyds and Barclays.

Not only have many other UK cities joined the cause, but the US has also taken action. Throughout 2011 many US cities have formed their own chapters of the Uncut movement using various social media such as emailing, blogging, facebook, twitter, ect to raise awareness of the problem and spread word about the cause and the actions they are planning.

In the US:

February 3rd, 2011:

            US Uncut joins Facebook. This page provides a backstory to the movement and a “10 Step Guide to Starting US Uncut”. Allows for conversation about important tax dodgers as well as a place to determine targets.


February 3rd, 2011:

            -Us Uncut joins Twitter. @uncutus #usuncut


February 8th 2011:

-In a post titled, ‘CIVIL USA VS. BANK OF AMERICA’, Civil USA founder, Carl Gibson blogs; “US Uncut has begun.” In which he announces the first action to held a Bank of America.

February 13th  2011:

            -Gibson calls for Saturday, February 26th to be “People VS. Banks: An International Day of Protest.” In this post he identifies UK Uncut leaders as his inspiration. He informs that his protest will take place in Jackson, MS and names the OMA activist group in Portland, ME, AlissaHarris in New York City, CAUncut and US Uncut DC as the other participants in the Day of Protest. He also establishes Facebook and Twitter as the “key communication tools” for building “transnational communication networks.”

-US Uncut DC Twitter Created! #USuncutDC

February 14th 2011:

-“US Uncut is Born”, Gibson blogs on ‘Bright Green’ (receiving 22 comments)

-US Uncut DC Facebook page created!

February 15th  2011:

– Call to action for US Uncut DC Chapter: February 26th will be the first action. Also provides email information,

February 18th 2011:

-UK newspaper, The Guardian publishes ‘UK Uncut targets banks as copycat group forms in America.’


February 22nd 2011:

– Cities: Santa Fe, NM and Columbus, OH both take action against their respected Governors.

February 23rd 2011:

– Salem, OR targets bank of America


February 24th 2011:

            Madison, WI targets Koch companies and Westport, WA takes action.


February 25th 2011:

– Butler, PA organizes at a local Courthouse to protest proposed cuts to an energy assistance program.

February 26th 2011:

-International Day of Protest! Action ensues in over 55 cities:

Afton WY, Albany NY, Atlanta GA, Bellevue WA, Blue Hill ME, Boca Raton, Boston, Charleston, Charlotte, Chicago, Clarion PA, Columbus OH, Dallas/Fort Worth, Denver/Boulder, Englewood FL, Eugene OR, Fort Bragg CA, Frankfort KY, Gainesville FL, Glens Falls, Green Bay, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Jackson, Kansas City MO, Lancaster PA, Lansing MI, Los Angeles, Madison WI, Medford OR, Modesto CA, Monterey CA, New Paltz NY, New York City,Novi, MI, Oakland/San Francisco, Phoenix, Portland ME, Portland OR, Poughkeepsie NY, Raleigh NC, Red Bank NJ, Richmond, Sacramento, Salem OR, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Ana CA, Seattle, South Bend IN, Spokane WA, Tulsa OK, Utica NY, Ventura and Washington DC.

-Us Uncut DC protests at the Bank of America in Dupont Circle and closes the business for the day.

February 27th & 28th 2011:

            -Phoenix kept the momentum going with a three-day-long protest at their state’s capitol, calling it the ‘weekend of action.’

-The Guardian publishes, ‘UK Uncut and US sister group stage more protests at banks’:

-Truthout publishes, ‘US Uncut’s Anti-Austerity Protests Hit Bank of America’:


March 2011:

            -The month of March sees well over 100 US Uncut protest actions all around the US, in almost all 50 states.

March 2 2011:

– US Uncut News interview video posted on Youtube: ‘Thom Hartmann: Uncut Disrupts Service of Bank of America’

– More News Coverage for US Uncut, RT News calls it “the liberal version of the tea party”:

March 5th 2011:

            -Protest actions are conducted in over 10 different cities, including: Atlanta, Portland ME, Portland OR, Tonawanda NY, Ithaca NY, Orlando, Salt Lake City, ect.

-US Uncut DC protests at the Bank of America in Cleveland Park.

March 8th 2011:

            -US Uncut’s facebook has 13,000 followers.

-US Uncut organizers crash Bank of America’s Investor Conference:

March 17th 2011:

– The Nation Magazine covers US Uncut’s efforts on their blog ‘The Notion’:

March 20th 2011:

– A new logo is created and posted to the Facebook page:

– March 26th termed ‘Global Day of Action’



March 21th 2011:

            -The Nation Magazine gets involved again, this time explaining the relevance of the movement to every American’s life:

March 26th 2011:

-One Month since the International Day of Protest.

-Over 40 actions take place through out the US, including new cities like: Tuscon AZ, Upper Arlington OH, New Brunswick NJ, Ann Arbor MI, Cheektowaga NY, Carmel CA, Davis CA, ect.

-US Uncut DC protests at Bank of America in Columbia Heights and successfully closed to business for the day.

March 28th 2011:

-Carl Gibson publishes ‘Budget Cuts and Corporate Tax Cheats:

Global corporations are gaming our tax system and paying nothing, zero, zip toward government services they enjoy,’ in the Economy/Business section of BOLD OPINIONS For Newspapers and New Media.



April 2011:

-April 2011 becomes US Uncut’s most active month yet with over 300 documented protest actions.

April 2nd 2011:

            -Vanity Fair publishes an article about inequality in the US, ‘Of the 1%, by the 1%, for the 1%’ 201105?currentPage=all

– A petition site is created, ‘Don’t Let Big Business Skip Out On Their Taxes’


April 3rd 2011:

            – A second petition site created and posted to the US Uncut Facebook page: ‘No More Corporate Tax Havens, Period.”

-“Wells Fargo, Bank of America Closed for Climate Crimes”, posted on It’s Getting Hot in Here

            MSNBC story on Taxpayers:


April 8th 2011:

            -The Pink Slip Protest:

-US Uncut DC Planning Meeting for TAX DAY Actions.


April 15th-18th 2011:

            -US Uncut DC targets Verizon inside Union Station.

– US Uncut DC shuts down a bp

            -Michael features a High School Newspaper article that outlines a series of actions they are hosting to resist “Big Finance on Tax Day”


April 18th 2011:

            -TAX DAY

            -Over 100 protest actions around the US in one day.


April 21st 2011:

            Democracy in Action Archive – Carl Gibson from US Uncut – April 2011


April 25th  2011:

            -Southern California Public Radio Announces: ‘Congress agrees: more tax cuts for U.S. corporations!’


April 26th 2011:

   shares a Statement by Senator Bernie Sanders of Burlington VT, ‘Analysis: Banks Play Shell Game with Taxpayer Dollars’   

-T-shirts made available through US Uncut Facebook Page:


April 27th 2011:

            -Taking back Tax Day!

April 28th 2011:

– Shock and Awe: Exxon And Others To Pay Their Taxes…


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