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UMD NOW — What’s next?

by on May 2, 2011


As part of the next step toward implementing and growing our project, we had to think about what we want to do, now and in the long run. We came up with five things:

What’s next? Where do we want to go?

1.    Establish regular blogging schedule to address campus/national feminist issues

2.    Use blog/site to establish communication with other campus feminist and social justice groups

3.    Communication/clearinghouse for feminist and related organizations and events

4.    Invite other groups/student leaders/faculty/

5.    Establish NOW-type student organization

Conference Feedback

Cards with suggestions/feedback from conference.

From there, we needed to identify specific feedback we received during our presentation at  Theorizing the Web Conference conference (4/9/2011). After we identified four items, we used the goal-action-word cards to brainstorm how we can follow-up o

n or implement suggestions and ideas from the feedback we received.

1.    Look into Third Wave Foundation
Goal word:    build
Action word:    accountability

  •  join existing, youth-oriented community to facilitate building a campus community
  • project should be accountable for driving discourse and building a campus community that is connected areaand national groups/networks

2.    Use Jen as a resource
Goal word: learn

Brainstorming Exercise from Feedback

Brainstorming Exercise from Feedback

Action word: find

  • use her expertise of social media, communications and inside knowledges of campus and feminism
  • Learn about her ideasto find communication gaps and how to fill them

3.    Use TRIOTA
            Goal word: support
Action word: build

  • we want TRIOTA to succeed – use project to help Triota and Triota to help project
  • build networks with between our project and Triota

4.    Contact Conference Presenter: Andrea Baker
Goal word: respect
Action word: analyze

  • respect Andrea Baker’s knowledge; respectfully ask for input, thoughts; look at her scholarship
  • analyze her thoughts, ideas, expertise to determine how project will benefit from her experience

— AN

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