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Storyboarding 04-13-11

by on April 13, 2011

Chapter 10: Investing in Education
Studies show that educating girls is one of the most effective ways to fight poverty (169).
School is the precondition for girls to stand up against injustice and be integrated into the economy (170).
Lebanon and Saudi Arabia are the two places in the Arab world where girls are the most educated (169).
For cultural reasons, many African families resisted sending daughters to school (180).

Questions to consider
Will Education girls be an effective way in eradicating poverty?
Will “schooling” girls foster economic growth?

Chapter 11: Microcredit: The Financial Revolution
Look up: Microfinance, microlending, microcredit, Kashf, microloans

“Mircofinance bolsters the status of women to protect themselves from abuse” (187).

Questions to Consider
Is it culturally insensitive to scold the poor?
Actions to explore
Provide microfinance institutions to help women make payments and discuss social issues

Chapter 12: The Axis of Equality
College educated women experience discrimination in finding jobs worldwide (207).
A century ago, China was the worst place to be born female (207).

Questions to Consider
Is it cultural imperialism for Westerners to criticize female infanticide? (207)

Actions to explore
Rwanda is implementing that empower and promote women.

Chapter 13: Grassroots vs. Treetops
Female genital mutilations is practiced by Muslims in Africa(221).
Westerners try to pass laws against genital mutilation without going to countries to understand why mothers cut their daughters (225).

Questions to Consider
What is the history behind genital mutilation?

Forming Grassroot organizations to stop war against the abuse of  women.

Chapter 14: What You Can Do
Create a broad movement to battle gender inequality.
Educate girls and bring them into the economy will help address poverty.
Better nourishment and education will help girls perform better on standardized test.
Raise money toward international women’s causes
Empower women and girls around the world

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