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by on April 13, 2011

-demonstrate an ability to select critically evaluate, and apply relevant areas of scholarship

-I think that our group definitively picked a topic that is relevant in our area of scholarship.  In exploring UNCUT, our group is examining how this organization used social media to create an influential movement in such a short period of time.

-articulate the processes required to bring about a successful outcome from planning, modeling, and preparing, to critiquing, revising, and perfecting

-we have had lots of classes that help us in the planning and thinking stages of our project.  The books that we have read have also been really helpful in looking at how social media can be used in very broad arenas – some of these do apply specifically to our project in looking at how social media can be used as a tool in the spread of political and ideological movements

-demonstrate an ability to collaborate in order to bring about a successful outcome.

-as our project is a group collaboration, I think this course definitively addressed this learning outcome because we have been asked to work together with people we might not know that well and we have been able to come together and bond over an issue which we all find to be important.

-recognize how an application of scholarship affects or is affected by political, social, cultural, economic or ethical dimensions.

-our project definitively takes on political, social, cultural, economic, and ethical dimensions. Although our project is specifically looking at how ideas evolve and become grassroots movements, specifically looking at how these organization would use social media as a tool in this process, we have also become quite involved with the actually movement itself, which is protesting corporate tax evasion, which is clearly a very prominent political issue right now, it also has severe social, cultural, and economic impacts and effects.

-produce an original analysis, project, creative work, performance or other scholarly work that reflects a body of knowledge relevant to the course

-I think our project will definitively add a relevant knowledge to the course.  As we explore how social media is used most productively in grassroots movements, I think our project will be able to help evolve our course.

-professional products or work of art

-shape and define a desired outcome and to select and combine knowledge from different areas to achieve that outcome

-I think this is definitively a relevant aspect, especially considering our project.  We have used the learning we have done in class as a tool in our project and we have also drawn on relevant information in other areas, such as grassroots organization, planning, and executing of actions, etc

-courses teach the stages required for the pursuit of a tangible goal through planning, molding, drafting, testing, revising, perfecting and assessing.

-I think our project does some of these aspects, we definitively plan it out, storyboard it, brainstorm.  Once we started thinking about our project we realized it would be greatly different form what we originally had in mine.  Throughout the whole process of the project, we have adjusted and worked in different ideas and information that we have gotten

-critical need to adjust and adopt the project to the contingencies of time and place and to the particular population involved

-it has been interesting in following the UNCUT movement to see how they adopt their project to the specific demands and needs of the movement, in this way we have had to take these adjustments and work them into our project. Further, the way our project has developed has been largely experimental partially because we didn’t know what to expect and what exact route the project was going to take – we had an idea, but in practice it has turned out to be very different, in certain ways, from our original idea.

-develop and exercise the skills of cooperation and teamwork desired to bring about large scale outcomes.

-working in a group has been an interesting experience on a project so large and semester long, but it has been really great, actually, we have really learned how to complement each other and work with differing opinions in a positive, productive way. Further, we have been working with people in the UNCUT organization and figuring out the ins-and-outs of that has been very interesting

-challenge students to meet the need to convince and recruit others to invest in or accept a new idea or vision

-I think the conference was really great for this purpose, actually. We were able to articulate our ideas to people who might have a vague interest in your topic and we had a chance to convince them to see the importance and purpose behind the project.

– foster an awareness of potential impacts of new or altered practices or products, of possible consequences for those immediately affected, and of distant and future repercussions.

– teach an appreciation for craftsmanship and an ethic of responsible productivity


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