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We’re Legit!

by on April 9, 2011

We were a bit dubious about this process and our project. We had an idea but were struggling with a vision. Thanks to the Theorizing the Web Conference, we had real, hard deadline. As mentioned in previous posts, we’ve reassessed and done additional brainstorming to fine tune our goals and identify problems that we’re passionate about. Once we began working on our poster, we began to see where we were, where we’d arrived, and how both relate to where we want to go! We wanted to have something “real” to bring into this conference, not just ideas and vision, so we got our first blog published last night. (It was written much earlier this week, but we’re having a steeper learning curve on WordPress than we expected.) We added another post today during the conference, and are planning our posting schedule and topics for the coming weeks.

Photo of Poster from Conference

Seeing our completed poster with our timeline and vision laid out, establishing a blog, setting up a facebook account and a twitter account (which are not yet live), and printing simple business cards really helped us to recognize that our work is real and we’re working toward something useful that we care about. A month ago we weren’t sure what, why or how we were doing on this project; now we’re legit!


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