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umd – now storyboard 2

by on April 7, 2011

So our brainstorming map really helped us to decide what was most practical to focus on for the project this semester, as well as what we needed to do before the conference we’re presenting at. Here is a the list of what we decided to focus on, based on our second brainstorming session.



From this, we developed a second storyboard for the next phase of our project planning process:



six panel illustration of project process

drawn by Tara Fisher; color by Charissa Powell

First row, from left to right:

Panel 1    we identified the disconnect between feminist groups and a lack of voice on women’s issues on campus
Panel 2    We see umd now (still not sure if we’re capitalizing it or not) as a tool that can unite groups with specific focuses, as well as speak to women’s and feminist issues
Panel 3    we need to identify issues that umd now can address

Second row, from left to right:
Panel 4    we can use a blog-website to create voice, share information with/about other groups/events/issues (will need to incorporate other social media as site/interest grows)
Panel 5    umd now can link isolated groups around the issues we as women’s studies students and feminists are concerned about
Panel 6    we envision umd now as a clearinghouse connecting other groups, promoting and hosting events, and driving conversations and discourse around current events, policy, education, etc.

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