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umd now — back to the drawing board

by on April 6, 2011

Image of brainstorming map

Our in-class storyboard process showed us we have identified too many problems and too many goals, so we had to go back to the drawing board to figure out where we want to focus, how, and why; from there we figure we can out which tools will support our primary goals and problem-solving activism(s).



Throughout our conversations and project process, we have identified several problems that we’re concerned about.

  1. Lack of feminist voice on campus responding to campus, local, national, and social justice issues
  2. Lack of communication among feminist and other (social justice) student groups, between departments, and from women’s, feminist and social justice organizations at the state and national levels.
  3. Triota – the honor society for women’s studies – has an existing  network and some name recognition; however, the organization lacks student involvement to maintain an ongoing presence and voice, much less drive discourse.
  4. Fulfill course project requirements and WMST department learning requirements



We identified three goals that we want to address partially or in combination.

  1. Promotion of social justice to foster systematic and institutional change
  2. Create platform for feminist student leaders to respond to campus and national issues, as well as drive discourse and conversations through writing, press releases, and events.
  3. Create a platform to encourage event and information sharing among student feminist and social justice groups.



We identified several tools, including social media, that can help us meet some/all of our goals

  1. Establish an on-campus chapter of a national organization like NOW
  2. Blog to create a voice responding to feminist issues; invite other groups to contribute; include website component to develop clearing house for other groups (feminist, social justice, national, academic)
  3. Triota – how/can we use existing student group to support/fulfill goals?


(as of 4/2/2011)


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