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storyboarding as of 04-06-11

by on April 6, 2011

Chapter 1: Modern Slaves
Explore different reasons to why women are modern slaves
compare the tactics used to punish slaves with those used to punish women in sex labor: humialation, rape, threats of violence
More then 12.3 million people in forces labors of all kinds around the world. Find statistics for people in forced sex labor
Why an increase in sex trafficking?
Collapse of communism: rise of gangs, economic distress, rise of capitalism (increase in demand of “female flesh”)
AIDS: sex with virgin seen as cure

Chapter 3: Learning to speak up
Is education the key to freedom? What about those who lack the access to educational resources due to poor economic status? Does the color of ones skin predict their survival? Why so many followers and few leaders? Who is responsible of the safety of women and their children?
The heroric story of Usher: her education empowered her to fight against a gang that murdered, raped, and turtured a village. Was it her duty to help others?

Chapter 4: Rape-
Do people even know that more women die from male crimes then they do from cancer, malaria, and vehicle accidents?
What role does culture play in victimizing women?-women have to be submissive, bride prices lead to rape, corrupt court systems, class status due to skin color and economic status
Why Rapex, developed by Sonnette Ehlers, is not popular even though it protects women?
Conduct research on vice-president Bidens bills, which would provide millions in foreign aid in order to fight against different types of violence against women.

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