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storyboarding as of 03-30-11

by on March 30, 2011

Chapter 6: maternal mortality-one woman a minute
A fistula is a whole in the tissues that generally causes the bladder and rectum, causing urine and feces to leak out of the vagina.
Things to look up: Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital.
“the fistula patient is the modern-day leper”
the WHO estimates that 536, 000 women perished in childbirth in 2005.
Maternal mortality rate in ireland 1 in 100,000; US 11 in 100,000; sierre leone 2100 in 100,000
Niger 1 in 7 chance of dying in childbirth; india 1 in 70 chance; US 1 in 4,800; Ireland 1 in 47, 6000
Unsafe abortions lead to 75,000 deaths and serious injury to another 5 million

A Doctor Who Treats Countries Not Patients
Look up Allen Rosenfield
Averting Maternal Death and Disability
One out-of-the-box way to reduce pregnancies is to subsidize school uniforms for girls
A south african study found that giving girls a $6 uniform every 18 months increased the chance they would stay in school and significantly reduced the number of pregnancies they experienced

Chapter 7: Why do Women Die in Childbirth
Biology, Lack of Schooling, Lack of Rural Health Systems, Disregard for Women
Experimental programs to get women to deliver babies in clinics p 118
It would cost about $4,000 for each women saved. In contrast, a $1 vaccine can save a child’s life.
“Vaccines are cost-effective. Maternal health isn’t”.
Maternal mortality is an injustice that is only tolerated because its victims are poor, rural women. The best argument to stop it is ethical, not economic. This is a human rights issue!
Edna’s Hospital
Edna Adan of Somaliland (Somalia)

Chapter 8: Family Planning and the “God Gulf”
Marie Stopes International
Both Bush-es instituted the “gag rule”, barring funds to any foreign aid group that couseled women about abortion options or had any link to abortions.
Programs to reduce HIV/AIDS- $1 per student, and a pregnancy could be averted for only $91 p141
Catholic Relief Services-fights poverty all over the world. Missionaries run indispensible health and education networks

Chapter 9: Is Islam Misogynistic
Muslims sometimes note that conservative attitudes have little to do with the Koran and arise from culture more than religion
You think we’re victims because we cover our hair and wear modest clothing. But we think that it’s Western women who are repressed, because they have to show their bodies-even go through surgery to change their bodies-to please men.

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