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Sex Positive Blog Site

by on March 16, 2011

The first problem of the media is posed by what does not get translated, or even published in the dominant political languages.” (Jacques Derrida)


Sex-positive blog approaches sex work from a human rights perspective as well as a public health perspective. Sex-positive strives to keep readers up to date with significant social and political events which influence the lives of sex workers and the sex industry in general. Sex-positive recognizes the fact that blogs as a social media tool are inherently limited in that they are mainly used as a form of individual expression and are not enough to affect positive social change. Blogging about an issue is not enough, but only through the creation of new knowledge can we hope to power social change. To gain a comprehensive understanding of how diverse representations and constructions of truth about sex workers and trans populations are created we must use an intersectional analysis which encompasses other facets including sexuality, gender, race, age and class.

Sex-positive has been created as a platform to challenge dominant and oppressive constructions of gender and sexuality. Sex-positive wants readers to think critically about the ways in which knowledge is created, who constructs this knowledge, and the ways in which knowledge influences social relations of domination and resistance. Through the creation of this blog, sex-positive challenges its readers to question their own assumptions about sex workers and the sex industry. We want readers to think critically about:

  • Structures of power within society as well as the problematic nature of normative constructions of gender and sexuality.
  • How the politics of visibility and media representations influence the creation of knowledge or truths about sex workers, and in turn directly impact the lives of sex workers.
  • The ways in which meaning-making about sex workers (as well as LGBT identified individuals) is both culturally dependent and culturally specific.

We hope that through the process of challenging dominant ideologies and one’s own assumptions through thought provoking blog entries as well as providing a forum for open discussion this blog will foster a better understanding of the multiple forms of oppression faced by sex workers.



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