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our storyboarding as of 03-16-11

by on March 16, 2011

Brainstorming March 16th

Project description: create tumbler or blog which will be broken down into 3 different themes. Sexuality, health, and education.
  • Each section of the project should include statistical information, social activism, background information, and organization
  • We need to think about how to add social media….we need to think about how to spread our blog/tumblr. do we share it with our friends via facebook or via word of mouth, and hope that they look at it

Big Ideas

  • Each individual has to email an organization dedicated to helping the women according to assigned themes
  • Research women in developing countries according to themes
  • brainstorm ways in which college students can dedicate resources to helping women
  • list majors at UMD that prepare students for careers which will lead to social change
  • list possible careers for UMD graduates that relate to themes
  • pass out flyers during the conference: should describe our ideas and intentions
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