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by on March 16, 2011
  1. How you got involved in grassroots organizing?
  2. Why did you get involved?
  3. What are your specific targets/goals? Long term and short term?
  4. What is your specific methods? What are you doing?
  5. How did you get your information about UNCUT?
  6. How do you plan actions?  Where do you draw your creativity from?
  7. Is it working?

Front page, we need to specify that this isn’t solely about USUNCUT, it is about how these movements develop and we are using uncut as a model.

“Where did it come from? How did it happen?”

An examination/the process/progression of grassroots movements using USUNCUT , DC Chapter

-rough exploration of how it came from UK to DC

-will explore the whole movement but focus/in depth on DC (to begin with at least)


  1. Attending Protests
  2. Compiling Videos
    1. Thinking of what to do for our video
  3. Interviewing
    1. Make questions more concrete
  4. Blogging/making the website
  5. Organizing campus protest

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