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Whats Happening LGBTQQAI Story Board

by on March 9, 2011

What we are doing for our project:

  • Topic:  Similar to the its get better campaign but with more practical applications. We created a blog where people can post pictures, videos, and posts on different awesome queer friendly things around where they live or are located. They can be events, organizations, spots, etc. Were not limiting it to colleges but to to anyone who encounters these resources in the area they are located. We’re making it across the U.S. not international. We are hoping to market the site to H.S. students to encourage them that they aren’t alone and to have them see the resources that are available to them.
  • What we are currently doing: Currently we are trying to create the blog and begin to post. As well as research different colleges, universities and groups we can reach out to, to start to get them posting.
  • What we plan to do: We hope to have a fully working blog that lots of people post to and that H.S. students are readily accessing. Maybe even incorporating a space for discussion and mentorship.

    Queer Blogs: Our first story board


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