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Our Storyboarding powerpoint as of 03-02-11

by on March 2, 2011

By Maariya Bassa
Fatoumata Bangoura
Leslie Bademosi
So we’ve begun using Twitter. This is how our group is brainstorming. It’s perfect, we all have access to the account and we can post our own comments, links, anything. Moreover, it’s giving us very nice networking connections, for example, we’ve already begun following Nikolas Kristoff author of ‘Half the Sky’ and Gary Ritzenth, a PhD @UF, who teaches courses in social media and storytelling.

Breaking down ‘Half the Sky’
Chapter one: emancipating twenty first century slaves, fighting slavery from seattle
Chapter two: prohibition and prostitution, rescuing girls is the easy part
Chapter three: learning to speak up, the new abolitionists
Chapter four: rule by rape, mukhtar’s school
Chapter five: the shame of “honor

Chapter six: maternal mortality-one woman a minute, a doctor who treats countries, not patients
Chapter seven: why do women die in childbirth? Edna’s hospital
Chapter eight: family planning and the “god gulf”, Jane Roberts and her 34 million friends
Chapter nine: is islam misogynistic? The afghan insurgent

Chapter ten: investing in education, ann and angeline
Chapter eleven: microcredit:the financial revolution, a CARE package for goretti
Chapter twelve: the axis of equality, tears over Time magazine
Chapter thirteen: grassroots vs tree tops, girls helping girls

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