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on being the search engine

by on February 2, 2011

Our in-class search engine performance workshop enabled us to begin thinking about the underlying systems that form our digital realities, both enabling and disallowing certain types of data to be in/visible.

How does the way we use a search engine to ‘ask’ for information give us particular answers?  What about the underlying system makes it so?  When these questions are broadened out to include the social media communities you are involved in, what information is more visible, less?  How are certain bits of data prioritized over others? Are there differences in how the information is relayed?

Some other questions to consider:

What information of yours that was shared in class is actually available online?  What isn’t?  What happens when you actually search for yourself on a search engine such as google, bing or yahoo?  (and how do these differ from each other?). Are you surprised by the results? What would a feminist analysis of search engines look like?


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